Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's a hat!

Zig Zag Hat

What's this you ask? It's a hat. The pattern is called Zig Zag Hat and it is published by one of my not so local yarn stores (nothing is actually local where I live). I've admired the samples in the store many times and had some Koigu in the stash. I decided after I finished the Monkeys that I would take some time to knit something besides socks.

I really like how this hat is turning out. I'm not entirely convinced the hat will fit when it's done but I did try on the store sample more than once or twice. I'm terribly slow at two color knitting. I never learned how to do it properly and so I drop the yarn each time and pick up the new color. I don't have the patience to learn the "right" way so this works for me. I'm almost done a full repeat of the pattern and it only calls for a repeat and a half before knitting the top of the hat. I may have a hat to show soon.

Vanilla Cherry Cordial

I realized after casting on for the Zig Zag Hat that I also needed a portable project. Our schedule is filled with dentist, doctor and orthodontist appointments and I need something I can knit without thinking. I cast on some Yarntini in Cherry Cordial to make a plain vanilla sock. Socks are the one thing I can knit from start to finish without following any pattern or directions. I'm in no hurry to finish these - no deadlines - which is making them even more enjoyable. This is my first time knitting with Yarntini and I'm liking it a lot. This is the variegated version and not the self striping but I like how it's knitting up into almost single row stripes.

Right now I'm headed off to bed. I know when I wake up in the morning we'll be in the midst of a Nor'easter. I've got all the food we'll need and we plan to hunker down for the storm. I made two batches of gingerbread dough and have them in the fridge for the night. Tomorrow, if all goes well, the boys and I will roll out dough and make gingerbread cookies.