Saturday, December 22, 2007

No catchy title today

Cherry Cordial 2

I've been planning a post all week to write about knitting this sock. This sock took many trips this week as we went to the orthopedic surgeon on Monday to have Oldest Boy's sore ankle looked at, to the dentist on Tuesday for cleanings all around, to an MRI for Oldest Boy on Thursday, and back to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday. There's been lots and lots of waiting room knitting. I'm loving the Yarntini yarn and the ease of a plain vanilla sock is quite soothing.

Unfortunately, when we returned to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday we were given bad news about Oldest Boy's ankle. I didn't understand most of what the doctor said as I had two of the boys with me and my brain pretty much stopped working when he started talking about dead bone and detaching cartilage and surgery. I went in prepared for the doctor to say that the shadow on the x-ray was "nothing" and was not prepared for bad news. Oldest Boy is inan air cast for now until we return to see the surgeon on January 11th. I'll know a lot more then. Until then I just keep reminding myself that he's no worse today now that we know there's something wrong than he was on Monday when we didn't know. I know he'll be fine.

Pine Grosbeak

When I returned from my walk this morning, I had a flock of these Pine Grosbeaks in my front tree again. They love to eat the tiny apples and they don't even move when I come near or make noise. I don't know how I never noticed them until this year. I have two friends who also only noticed them for the first time this year and I got to prove how smart I am when I could tell them what kind of bird they had seen. I think they're very nice.

I must return to the bustle of preparing for Christmas. My inlaws arrive tomorrow and there is much to be done before then. The timer just beeped and it's time to pull the spiced almonds out of the oven. It sure smells good in here.