Saturday, June 30, 2007

First Embossed Leaves Sock

Embossed Leaves 1

Well, it took me a little longer than I thought to post pictures of the first Embossed Leaves sock. First I had to download all 104 pictures that Mr. Baseball took at Cub Scout camp. Then I had to go to Oldest Boy's double header game today (they lost both games). Finally, even though the light wasn't very good, I sat down on the deck while I was cooking dinner and took a few pictures.

Embossed Leaves and Sad Naked Foot

I'm almost done the leg of the second sock. Doesn't the naked foot look sad? Actually, both feet are sad because these socks are great and they're not for them. The Louet Gems is simply a dream to knit with. It is so soft it's hard to believe it's wool. I can't wait to use it again for socks for me.

Vesper Sock

Here is the beginning of the plain vanilla Vesper sock I started the other day. I was able to knit a little at the games today. The truth is I don't really care for the yarn so I'm not very motivated to knit with it. I'll finish these socks but I won't buy Vesper again. It certainly does not live up to its hype.