Sunday, June 24, 2007

Making it count

My friend, Melanie, says that if you're going to cheat on a diet you should be sure to make it count. Why cheat with a Hershey bar when you could have delicious dark chocolate mousse? Why eat a hamburger when you could have a Porterhouse steak?

Now you know I'm not on a diet because I don't believe in diets. I have however, been on a self imposed spending break. I have more than enough yarn to last me the rest of the year (and boy does it show when you start cataloging it on Ravelry) and I was feeling some guilt about not using the yarn I love so much. But ... well, Patternworks was having a stupendous sale and I found out about it before they ran out of stock and I decided to dive in. I made sure to make it count, too.

New Koigu Stash

That's eight skeins of Koigu KPPM. Right now I don't intend to use it for socks - which is how I partly justified the binge. I also bought the patterns for Diamond Patch mittens and Fanning the Flame mittens from Heartland Knits. Click on the Heartland Knits link to see pictures of the patterns. I probably won't start them until the fall but I'd really like a pair of hand knit mittens for myself before winter starts. Aren't these patterns pretty?