Monday, June 04, 2007

Cheerful things

Thank you all for your nice thoughts during my stressful week. Although the situation is not yet resolved, it is well on its way and is out of my hands.

The highlight of my week, by far, was receiving a package from my partner in the Knitter's Tea Swap. My pal, Laura, sent me an amazing package all the way from Oklahoma. The box weighed a ton and was chock full of goodies.

First up, the treats:

Tea Swap Goodies

All kinds of delicious cookies, lots of chocolate, some pretty stitch markers made by Laura herself, and a cute little B sticky pad. Not pictured is a jar of Peach Salsa (it was hiding). The coconut cookies are yummy! I shared some with Mr. Baseball Knitter last night and they made the Red Sox loss to the Yankees a little more bearable.

Next up are the teas (sorry for the blurry photo):

Loose tea, bagged tea, some loose tea bags. Lots of delicious tea for me to try. This came just in time as the temps here today are only in the 50s. Brrr. It's a great day to knit, drink some hot tea and eat more cookies.

Finally, the yarn:
Tea Swap yarn

Two yarns that I've never tried before - Cascade Sassy Stripes and Ruby Sapphire in a color called Goblin. Aren't they beautiful? Purple is one of my favorite colors and I've always wanted to try Ruby Sapphire's yarns.

Thank you, Laura, from the bottom of my heart. You were a great swap partner.

Now, I've got the kettle on and I'm going to make a nice cuppa, eat a few cookies and finish Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (I'm rereading all the HP books in preparation for the new release). I got what I wished for with cooler weather (though I didn't mean NOW and not this wet), and I'm wearing my cheery and warm Apple Pie socks.

Tomorrow I'll be able to show you the beginning of my new sock. Care to guess what pattern I'm using? Remember I'm a big copy cat.