Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's over

It was a long, long week here in the House of Baseball but now it's Sunday and last week is over.

Our baseball season is officially ended. Oldest son's team was knocked out of the playoffs on Monday. This came as no surprise as his team was very inexperienced and had not played well during the season. It was a great team, however, and he can't wait until next year. The younger boys got knocked out on Friday night in a close game on Friday night. It was a good game and a good end to the season.

Although we were geared up for a summer of All Star Baseball with oldest son, his All Star career is over for this year also. On Thursday evening, while Mr. Baseball and I went on a much deserved date, oldest son fell off his skateboard and broke his wrist. More specifically, for those with medical training or who just like to read about things, he broke his right navicular. Apparently this is a tricky break and can be tough to heal because there is very little vascular activity in that region. He's in a bright green cast from the tip of his thumb to his elbow. No baseball for him this season. He'll still be with his team and help by doing bat boy duty or anything else he's capable of but he won't be able to play. The cast does not come off until July 30 and we have to pray he won't need another one after that.

The school year is over. Although my boys don't go to public school (except for middle son who attends for gym), we're calling it quits for the summer. Each of the boys has some work to complete over the summer but I'm done. The 2006-2007 school year is officially over. I need some time to regroup and think about the fall.

I'm still knitting away on my Juta's stocking. I am very grateful that I had this simple sock on the needles to get me through this week of endless waiting in dentists' offices, emergency rooms, and doctors' offices. I'm half way through the foot of the second sock. It should be done soon. I just need some time to sit and knit. If only I could knit while I drive this sock would have been done ages ago.