Sunday, May 27, 2007

Skinny Dipping

It was a beautiful day at the ball fields yesterday which was a good thing since I was there from 8:30 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening. It was a hot one but the sun played peek-a-boo with the clouds which helped it to feel not quite so hot. There was a nice breeze and very little bugs. All the boys had games and I was able to watch them all. I even managed to finish my Skinny Dipping socks (kitchenered toes and all) while there.

Skinny Dipping socks

Yarn: Skinny Dipping by All Things Heathered
Pattern: Summerfield by Lisa Parker at Wildhorse Farm Designs (Loopy Ewe Summer Sock Club pattern)
Needles: Size 1 US Knit Picks Circulars

Skinny Dipping close up

I promised you a skinny dipping story when the socks were finished.

A long, long time ago when I was much younger and thinner and had never birthed children, I had some friends who were in a band. Friends and I used to spend many an evening at local bars listening to the band and dancing. We were a tight knit group of friends - as only young single 20 somethings can be. One of our favorite bars was a tiny granite building called The Stone Church. We loved The Stone Church but it was small and there was no ventilation and, this being the 80's, the room would fill with smoke by the end of the evening. By closing time we were sweaty and stinky and not quite ready for the night to end. We'd often meet at a dam not far away and skinny dip all that sweat and smokey smell away.

One night, I noticed a tall, blond man with a friend of mine. He was cute and jumped right in to dance and drink with the rest of us. Toward the end of the evening I invited him to join us to go skinny dipping. He was game and I admired his spunk for being willing to join a group of strangers and get nekkid. And that folks is how I came to see my husband naked on the very first day I met him.
Nightswimming deserves a quiet night
I'm not sure all these people understand
It's not like years ago,
The fear of getting caught,
Of recklessness and water
They cannot see me naked
These things, they go away,
Replaced by everyday

Nightswimming, remembering that night
September's coming soon
I'm pining for the moon
And what if there were two
Side by side in orbit
Around the fairest sun?
That bright, tight forever drum
Could not describe nightswimming