Thursday, May 03, 2007

Laundry day

laundry day
There's not as much knitting as I'd like going on. Busy, busy schedules. Middle son came home from Florida yesterday. He had a great time but the reentry into the family has been a little bit rocky. The boys are so sweet individually but put them together and it's unpredictable.

Oldest son has all baseball all the time. He's had one game for each team this week and both teams won tough fought games. His thumb is fine - thank you for your concern. The juggling of two teams with two coaches with different thoughts about how to play baseball is challenging but we're hanging in there.

I spent the morning catching up - doing laundry, getting schoolwork done, giving haircuts. I love to be able to hang the socks outside again to dry in the sun. They smell so good.

The Red Sox won again last night and Josh Beckett took his 6th straight win. Very impressive.

The post is very choppy today because that's how my brain feels. I'm going to try to get some knitting done at baseball today (from 3-8) if it's not too cold to hold the needles.