Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I took a stroll around the yard this morning to see what was in bloom. I really like this photo of the fully opened flower over the flower still to bloom. I'm sure I could make all sort of great analogies but, really, I just like the photo. There aren't many flowers blooming in my yard yet. We have a wooded property that provides lots of shade. All the rain and the natural shade have slowed down the flowers. They'll be out soon enough.

With all the baseball craziness going on around here, I've decided to take Saturday off for Mother's Day. The schedule works out so that the wonderful Mr. Baseball can take all three boys to their games. Me? I'm going to NH Sheep and Wool. The weather is supposed to be cooperative (there's a long tradition of drenching rains) and I really need a day off. I'll spend my day surrounded by animals and wool. Sounds good to me. Is anyone else going?

The Red Sox's Josh Beckett picked up his 7th straight win last night. If he can get 8 straight wins he'll tie some Red Sox greats like Babe Ruth. If he can manage 9 he'd be in a class by himself. Right now he's hot.