Thursday, May 10, 2007

Loopy Sock Club

Loopy Sock Club May

I've waited almost 24 hours to post hoping that most Loopy sock club members will have received their packages by now. I don't know how she does it but Sheri has the fastest shipping. I've been waiting for this first installment of the Loopy Sock Club for months. Sheri told us it would ship on Monday and I just knew it would be here on Wednesday. Yesterday, as I was leaving for my four mile walk, I spied a package hanging from the mail box. I KNEW what it was. You should have seen me running and skipping (yes, skipping) to the mail box. I sat down immediately and opened the package. Squee!! Everything was wonderful! Well, I did have a little moment of panic when I saw the envelope of lemonade Kool-Aid and thought I'd have to dye my own yarn.

I walked those four miles with a light heart (though it was 90 degrees) because I knew what awaited me when I returned. I couldn't wait to check everything out more closely. I took it to the back yard to be photographed. Sheri always pays attention to detail. In addition to the sock yarn and very nice pattern (yes, I fully intend to use the pattern), there were chocolate kisses, Kool-Aid, some sheep soap, and, best of all, an exclusive Loopy Ewe Sock Club pouch.

The yarn is by All Things Heather in a colorway named "Skinny Dipping". It's a superwash merino/bamboo/nylon blend. Sounds perfect for summer socks.
Skinny Dipping

And because Sheri likes to see yarn (well, really socks but that would take awhile) in trees, I took a photo of it would into a cake.

Skinny Dipping in a tree