Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vesper Socks finished

Vesper Socks 1

Last night, while watching the Red Sox cream the White Sox, I finished the Vesper Socks. I never counted row or measured the socks but instead matched the colored stripes from sock to sock. They came out virtually identical. I have to say that I feel rather disappointed upon their completion. I'm thrilled to have them done but I don't care anymore for the finished product than I do for the yarn. They fit fine and I even like the way the short row heel fits my foot but I just do not like this yarn and I just know I'll never wear the socks. I'll have to take exact measurements later and send them to some lucky soul who will appreciate them much more than I.

Vesper Socks 2

After I had woven in the ends and put the socks aside, I tried to decide what to knit next. I swear I heard some yarn calling from the stash. What I really need right now is a good yarn experience to wipe the bad one away. I found this lovely hank of Sweet Georgia in a colorway called Saffron that made me smile just to touch it. As I was winding it into a cake, my 9 year old son came into the room and said, "Oh, that's a pretty color." Yup. It is. As I cast on (for a cuff I ripped out this morning) I couldn't help but compare the yarns. Where the Vesper felt dead and lifeless the Sweet Georgia is bouncy and exuberant. While the color of the Vesper is ho hum and left me cold, the Sweet Georgia is vibrant and warms my soul. Ah, how I should enjoy knitting with this lovely yarn. Stay tuned to see what it will become.

Sweet Georgia Saffron