Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just a little update


I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last updated. I don't have much knitting news or photos to share. Instead, I'll share a photo of my daylillies that I took this morning. My lillies always bloom later than everyone else's because we don't get much direct sun. I don't even particularly care for them but they bloom every single year without fail and don't need any attention. That's my favorite kind of gardening.

I've been knitting on the second Vesper sock and am almost to the (dreaded) heel. I'll have to set some time aside tomorrow for the heel. I hate that I have to set aside uninterrupted time just to get a heel done but I want to finish the pair and see if my second heel can be better than the first. After this, I'm back to my wonderful heel flaps and gussets which I can almost do in my sleep.

We had a busy, busy weekend just filled with grown up fun. So much of our time is devoted to our children and their pursuits. It is highly unusual for us to have much of a social life ourselves. On Saturday, we went to a Bastille Day party. It was wonderful time filled with good food, grown up conversation and live music while the boys enjoyed themselves in the pool and hung around with their equally surly teenage friends. On Sunday, we joined some old college friends for a rousing game of softball. We had a blast! Grownups and kids combined on teams - everyone having fun - lots of sweating and laughing. My muscles have hurt ever since.

The boys are in their second and final week of swimming lessons. I will be very happy when I no longer need to get out the door every morning to get to the lake. I prefer not to be out of the house so much.

I'm feeling rather down these days. The stressful situation that started back in May has finally come to its conclusion and it is not the ending I was hoping against hope for. It's not worth retelling the whole long sordid tale so I'll just say that I hate mean people. I'll be putting this behind me soon but right now I'm just filled to the brim with anger and hurt and disappointment. I'm very grateful for my husband and good friends who have stood beside me through it all.