Monday, July 30, 2007

My first contest

Ah, she's a beauty, no?
This is my first skein of Wollmeise. I'm in love. The colors are deep and vibrant. The yarn is sort of squishy and soft. The yardage is generous and made a very large cake. This morning I sat outside and cast on for a new sock. This sock will meet the requirements for the new Loopy Ewe Q3 challenge and will be my first sock in Sock-A-Month 4. I've had at least one pair of socks every single month since SAM2 and I intend to do the same for SAM 4.

I'm coming up on my one year blogiversary on August 20th and I think it's time for my first contest. I will post photos of my sock in progress but will not name the pattern nor will I name the source for the pattern in my posts. The first person to guess the pattern correctly will win a prize. As I don't have all that many regular readers your chance of winning is fairly high but I warn you that the pattern won't be an easy one to guess.

How's that yellow Sweet Georgia sock coming along you ask? Let's not talk about it. I have PMS. I'm crabby and short tempered. There is no way I'll have enough yarn to finish this sock. I really should just rip it now but because of the blog I'll keep working on it just so I can show you how far I fall short. It's not like I can just buy another skein. I even looked on Ravelry to see if anyone had this color in their stash. Nope. Progress photo of the yellow sock when I'm less crabby.