Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thank you, SP

Lucy loving her new drugs

I always like it when Secret Pals flash the swag I send them. I take a lot of care to choose things I hope my SP will like. I, however, have been remiss in thanking my SP9 partner. I received a wonderful package in the mail last week. I don't have any pictures of all the stuff put together because as soon as I opened the package the various items were spread all over my house. My SP sent me a 4th of July themed package because it is one of my favorite holidays. My gifts were wrapped in red, white and blue tissue.

My SP sent me some delicious homemade brownies which had zuchini as the secret ingredient. They were chocolatey, minty and delicious. We ate them quickly. She also sent little catnip pillows for each of my three kitties. You can see Lucy above enjoying them. In addition, I got four wonderful cooking magazines. Next to yarn, there is nothing I like more than a good cooking magazine. Finally, of course, I got some lovely yarn. It's a very pretty pale blue yarn called Palette from Knit Picks. Thank you SP. I promise next time to take a picture before everything gets strewn around my house. I have no clue who my SP is but she pays careful attention to detail.

Yesterday while the boys were off visiting friends I sat down to complete the short row heel for my second Vesper sock. It was much easier the second time around and did not take me nearly as long. I was even able to close up the holes at the sides. I'm still not thrilled with how this heel looks. One side is very neat and tidy while the other side looks wonky. The perfectionist in me is not happy with this. I had hoped that this was the perfect short row heel for me because it is the first one I've tried that makes sense to me. Hopefully, I will have a finished pair to post soon.