Monday, July 23, 2007

Competing Interests

Yesterday, we dropped the older two boys off for a week of summer camp. We were one of the first families to arrive so both boys had their choice of bunks in their respective cabins. Middle Son looks quite happy to be back at camp (above), while Oldest Son and Mr. Baseball look rather odd as I captured them at the end of a hug goodbye. They both love camp and I don't worry a smidge about them while they're gone. Today it's just me and Youngest Son. He's so easy compared to the other two - especially when he's alone. We're just filling his cup while they're gone and he revels in the one-on-one attention. Tomorrow afternoon, my wonderful, amazing friend, Jenn, will take Youngest Son to her house until Friday evening where he will spend much glorious time with his Best Friend. She must love me.

Mr. Baseball will take the day off from work on Friday and we will have one entire childless day together. Before that, we'll have 3 childless nights together. How ever will we survive? What ever will we do?

My days are filled with competing interests. While the boys are gone, I like to give their rooms a good cleaning. Today I washed all the bedding - including comforters. I just think it's nice to come home from a week away to a clean bed and room. I also, like millions of other minions, am engrossed in The Deathly Hallows. I'm savoring it and allow myself to read a chapter or two after I complete a chore or play a game with Youngest Son. I've also got the Sweet Georgia sock on the needles. I had hoped to be able to share a picture but it came out much too blurry and now it's raining. Perhaps a picture tomorrow. Blogging time is over. I think I've earned another chapter.