Thursday, September 06, 2007

On being snobbish

Recently, I received an embarrassment of riches in the form of thank you gifts from swap folks in the Summer Camp exchange I've been running on Ravelry. I must say that receiving packages in the mail was an altogether welcome surprise. It's a very cool thing to have your mail carrier drive up the driveway with a package when you know you haven't ordered anything. Who wouldn't love to get a package like this? You wouldn't believe how nice those little soap cakes made everything smell.

thank you 2

I do wonder, however, how I come off to folks who read my blog. Both of the folks who sent packages recently wondered if, perhaps, the yarn they sent me was not up to snuff. It is true that I love luxury yarns and enjoy trying new yarns from indie dyers. It's also true that I love to try new yarns - ever on the search for the one "perfect" yarn. But everything has its place.

My first socks, knit many years ago, were knit using Regia and Opal yarns. They were all the rage at the time and I just loved the cool self striping and patterning yarn that made it look like I had done amazing things with my knitting. Those socks are still being worn today, lasting far, far longer than many of the more expensive yarns I have bought. While I may not gush over these yarns as much as things like the Wollmeise I was recently sent, it does not mean I don't appreciate them.

Check out this wonderful package:

thank you 3

New Kaffe Fasset Regia yarn that I would never have picked out myself but which I think is very, very cool, a beautiful handwritten note, and the best little hand sewn project bag. No one has sewn anything for me since I was a teenager. I love this little bag an embarrassing amount.

I'm not printing any names of my generous friends because I don't want to embarrass them but I hope they know how very much everything they sent is appreciated.

Thank you.