Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Works in Progress Wednesday

I don't think that I've mentioned that we're having our home remodeled. I decided to use some of the money left to me by my father to remodel the kitchen. Our kitchen is very dated and I've hated it since before we bought the house. I'm excited about the remodel which will include new countertops, floors, cabinets, sink, wall oven, dishwasher and floor. We'll also have the ugly wallpaper removed and the kitchen and dining room painted a beautiful shade of yellow.

While I was talking to the contractor I decided that if we were putting new floors in the kitchen we might as well put down new floors in the family room and school room as they all adjoin. I also suggested putting in a closet in the family room to help control the clutter. Somehow, Mr. Baseball and I decided that we should also paint those two other rooms, rip out built in book cases and get rid of old furniture.

The remodeling hasn't officially started yet but I'm starting to get stressed out. I have to remove everything from those rooms and find places to store it for awhile. You have no idea how many books a homeschooling family has unless you homeschool yourself. It's amazing. The house is a disaster. Somehow through it all we've got to keep schooling and getting everyone to their numerous practices and games for fall sports. Yup. I'm feeling stressed.

I decided to post pictures of my current works in progress as I'm not sure when I'll have any completed pictures to share.

Artyarns Garter Rib wip

The matching yarn for my Artyarns Garter Rib socks arrived today. The teal is a perfect match and will make lovely cuffs. All I need to do is finish this cuff and I can cast on for the second sock. The problem is I can't find the second skein anywhere. I'm sure it's somewhere safe and sound but I can't put my finger on it. I've got to let it go for now and trust that if I stop looking so hard it will show up.

Bearfoot Lichen wip

Next up are the Bearfoot Lichen socks. I'm using Nancy Bush's Lichen Rib pattern for these socks and liking it very much. Notice how this yarn is similar to the Claudia yarn for the Pheasant Run socks. If you live in New England you'll know that early in fall the colors are bright and cheerful like the Pheasant Run socks but later they get muted like these Bearfoot socks. I love the colors of fall.

Good Juju wip

The Good Juju socks. I'm sticking to my plan and only knitting them during Red Sox games. Last night the Red Sox came from behind - they were losing 1-8 - and went on to win 16-9. Woohoo! I truly love Apple Laine Apple Pie. I've got more red yarn waiting to be made into more juju socks when these are finished.

Koigu Fanning the Flame wip

Finally, the Fanning the Flame mittens in Koigu. I want to knit these mittens but we'll see how I do. I have one fan done and had to unzip the provisional cast on last night and pick up the stitches for the next fan. Let's just say it didn't want to "unzip" and I was hating the darn thing but I finally got it torn apart and on the needles and we'll see what happens.

No idle hands here.