Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl shopping

I'm almost embarrassed to show this photo but I feel like I'm hiding a dirty little secret. I briefly mentioned that I went to a Super Bowl sale on Saturday. I didn't mention that it was at my all time favorite LYS. I drove an hour to go to the sale on icy roads and let me just say it was well worth it. The store was not the least bit crowded and there was plenty of staff working to assist in finding things. I met a couple of nice people and helped one mother pick out a great birthday gift for her sock knitting daughter.

I knew how much money I had in my Paypal account and I was determined not to go crazy and spend more than I had. I was careful and deliberate in my selections - the yarn you see here took me almost and hour and a half to pick out. With all the yarn in the store 30% off it was tempting to buy everything but I remained calm.

Here's what I did buy:
Louet Gems Grape -no particular project in mind yet
Louet Gems Linen Gray - I don't know why they call it Linen Gray as it is a very tannish khaki color. When I bought new khaki pants recently I realized that I had no socks to match. I figured this very plain boring yarn could become a most excellent sock with unlimited pattern potential.
Dalegarn Falk in black and cream - destined to become a We Call Them Pirates Hat
Dalegarn Svale - for lining of said pirate hat
Rowan Calmer - a beautiful raspberry color destined to become a Shedir
Mountain Colors Bearfoot Berry - no particular pattern but some nice warm cozy socks

I also got an unpictured skein of Cascade 220 in a heather blue which is being turned into mittens for my youngest as we speak.

I won't be doing any shopping for awhile. I have more than enough yarn to keep me happy for a bit.