Friday, March 21, 2008

More Malabrigo

FInished Green/White Hat

Last Saturday night, my middle son asked me to knit him a hat. He requested that it be olive green with white stripes. He had very specific ideas regarding what this hat should look like - the stripes needed to be in certain places on the hat and of a certain width. I had both colors of Malabrigo in my stash and quickly cast on. This is the hat that resulted.

Once he tried it on, however, it became apparent that it was a tad too long. In my desire to be sure that it wasn't too short I made it too big. He also stated that the stripes were not in the correct place and that they looked too much like a "pattern". He did tell me that the hat was very soft and that he loved it but that he'd prefer another.

Jeff hat model

One of the great things about knit hats is that they fit a wide variety of heads. Children and adults do not have heads that are very different in size. Mr. Baseball tried on the hat and found it fit him perfectly. I took the hat back and put it on my pile of finished Malabrigo objects and will decide what to do with the hat in the fall. No one needs a new winter hat right now. I've had enough of winter.

Jared hat 2

I had plenty of Malabrigo left and knit this hat for Jared. You may think it's the same as the hat in the first pictures but the stripes are lower, narrower and are not in a "pattern". This hat fits him much better than the first though if I'm completely honest I must say that it is a tad short. Just a tad. Jared likes it and loves the Malabrigo. For now, the hat has been put aside with the other newly knit items. We'll pull them out again in the fall and decide what to do with them.

I won't go into details about my ear infection or our emergency trip to the dentist today (you can guess who that was for). Let me just say that I'm eternally grateful for knitting to get me through difficult times. I'm finding the Malabrigo especially comforting.