Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bunch of FOs

Long time no post. I've been avoiding the blog because I was gone for so long and really didn't want to get into a long explanation. Life continues to be challenging. I don't want the blog to turn into a whine fest so I'll focus on the good things today.
Adam turned 14 this week. Here's hoping the new year brings him better health and luck. I turned 40 something more yesterday. My boys treated me well with some thoughtful gifts and Chinese food for dinner.

I'll update with some finished objects. I've lost that loving feeling for socks right now. I haven't knit anything worsted weight in the longest time because it bothered my hands and wrists. What I discovered in Malabrigo March is that the right needles and yarn make all the difference. I'm in love with Malabrigo. I'd marry it if I could I love it so much. I'm having a blast knitting nice, warm, soft things even if I don't know who they're intended for.

Here are some highlights:

I made a cellphone cozy with some Koolhaas leftovers. A skein of Malabrigo goes a long way.

peeking cellphone

I also knit another Simple Boy Hat. This has become my go to hat. It's simple and uses leftovers well.


Next up is another Amanda Hat in Violetas. I went down a needle size to get the lacy parts less lacy and love how it tightened up the lace. I didn't really account for row gauge, however, and so the hat is a tad shorter than I like. This is really a great pattern.

Violetas Amber

Next, I used some of the leftovers to make a Calorimetry. I may be the last person ever to knit this pattern. I cast on only 100 stitches and made it smaller in the middle. I'd knit the next one even smaller. It's a cute little pattern.


Finally, I made a hat that really is for me. This is also knit in Malabrigo Violetas and is a Seaman's Cap. This hat features a fold up brim and will be very, very warm with that double ribbed layer of Malabrigo. It will be perfect for my winter morning walks to keep my ears warm.


I've got more on the needles and I'll try to update soon.

It's so nice to have baseball back - even if we still have small mountains of snow left on the lawn. I am anxiously awaiting spring weather.