Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Juju socks

One of the cool things about Ravelry is that you have the opportunity to form small groups of like minded folks. I did not create the Red Sox group but I was happy to join it when someone else did. At one point, when the Red Sox seemed intent on playing badly she suggested that we start some good luck projects.

I knew immediately what yarn to use. I had some Cherry Tree Hill yarn in Cherry just sitting in the stash. I got the hank on the swift and started winding away. The freakin' yarn wouldn't wind properly and kept falling off the ball. Then it started kinking and finally it all fell apart. I spent more time than I care to remember trying to get the yarn to behave. Finally, I had to cut it and ended up with one larger ball and one smallish ball. I then cast on for the Nine to Five socks because I figured the boys needed to get to work. About 4 inches into the sock I realized that the pattern and yarn did not work well together. The pattern was just too much work to not show up well and when I tried the sock on it was huge. Rippppp! I couldn't bear to use the yarn again so I cast it aside. I figured it had bad juju and I didn't want to touch it. I should have known when it refused to be wound properly that this yarn did not have good juju.

I went back to the stash and came out with one of my all time favorite yarns - Apple Laine in Macintosh. The color may not be as red as the Cherry Tree Hill but it is definitely red. Plus, we pick Macintosh in late September which is when you need your team to be in first place. This yarn definitely has good juju. The rules of the Juju Socks are simple. They can only be knit during Red Sox games - no other time. In addition, nothing else can be knit during Red Sox games. There's no timetable for them to be finished. In fact, if I finish them before October I'll just need to start another pair.

Call me superstitious if you will but the Red Sox are now 8 games ahead of the Yankees and I believe the good juju socks are helping.