Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wild thing

It is 90 degrees outside. 90 degrees for the third day in a row. It is HOT! While Mr. Baseball and the boys are away I've been acting like a hermit trying to keep myself cool. We don't have central A/C; we only have A/C in the bedrooms. I didn't really want to hole up in my bedroom for hours on end so my strategy has been to move as little as possible in an attempt to stay cool. While staying still I have managed to watch three movies, read 1/2 of a book, watch two baseball games, and knit one sock.

And the sock is a beauty! Seriously. Are you ever just so in love with something you knit? I want to walk over to my neighbors (since no one is home right now to appreciate my knitting) and say, "Aren't these beautiful? I made them." I could probably do that with my Walking Friend neighbor but the others would think I'm just crazy. So instead, neighbors, I'm knocking on your door to show you my finished sock.

And just to show how big my feet are and, consequently, how much sock I must knit every time I make a pair of socks. And the beauty is, because of the yardage of the Wollmeise (over 500 yards people!) I never had to worry if I'd run out of yarn. I could make knee socks (not that I would because I can't stand knee socks) if I wanted to and I wouldn't run out of yarn.

And just to prove to you what a wild and crazy woman I am without the boys here I'll tell you what I did to celebrate. I made a BLT sandwich. Yup. And I ate the whole thing. Mmmmm! Wild, huh?