Saturday, March 24, 2007

A day to myself

It was a beautiful day here today. The sun was out and temps were in the high 50s. I was able to go out with just a fleece vest. The boys were all able to play outside and dinner was cooked on the grill.

I took the day to run some errands. I visited a LYS to see if they had More Sensational Knitted Socks. I really like this store and the owner is terrific. The prices, however, are high and sales nonexistent. I don't buy a lot of yarn there. The owner told me that they sold out of MSKS yesterday but I was able to find a copy of Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks Warm Feet which has become difficult to come by. I'm really wanting to learn some new techniques and this book comes very highly recommended.

I also got my hair cut. It hasn't been cut since last May. It's gotten rather long and the ends have gotten splitty. Most people have told me that they like my longer hair but even long hair needs to be cut to look healthy. She cut off 2 inches or so and put in some long layers. I think it looks much better but the lovely husband says he can't see the difference.

I also spent some time doing one of my favorite activities. Besides knitting the one thing I really like to do is bargain shop. Oh, you can't imagine the thrills I get when I find a good bargain. I'm a member of The Grocery Game and enjoy clipping coupons and finding food and health and beauty items for free or vastly reduced prices. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I love to buy deoderant for 8 cents. It's even better when a store pays me to take an item off their hands. So I had a good time at Target where I got lots of good stuff for very little money.

I even visited Borders to get my new educator discount card. Even with the 25% off sale this weekend there wasn't anything I was tempted to buy. I'm trying not to buy reading books for myself - borrowing from the library frees up more money to buy yarn. I'm always happy to buy books for the boys because I believe that having a houseful of books leads them to be active and voracious readers. Today I didn't even buy a book for them.

I have only knit 32 stitches all day. My wrists really hurt and I'm not really excited about either sock I'm knitting. I decided to turn the Claudia Handpainted toe up socks I'm knitting into shortie socks for my 12 year old son (who happens to wear size 12 men's shoes) but I need him around to try them on and I'm not really anxious to try the short row heel again. I sure wish I had someone around to walk me through it. All the helps I've found online just haven't worked for me. I need a real live person. Anyone want to come visit?