Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First the good news ...

Here's the baseball news from best to worst:

  • The United States won the Little League World Series - even if you've never watched baseball before, the LL World Series is great. You would never believe the talent these young boys have. It was heartbreaking watching the Japanese players crying on the field after the game, collecting dirt from the field to take home with them.
  • My oldest son's team lost their first Fall Ball game on Saturday. They were losing 8-0 in the third inning and made a great comeback. They lost 8-7. The team played really well and we were all proud of them.
  • The Red Sox are tanking. It's pathetic and I can't even watch anymore.
Lots of baseball. Lots of time to knit. Sadly, my elbow has started bothering me so I'm trying not to knit too much when it hurts. I'm going to see the doctor on Friday but I'm pretty sure it's tendonitis and he'll prescribe rest and ice.